Wilsons Smart Connect Activation Program

The recent launch of the Wilsons Smart Connect Activation Program is the latest example of how Wilsons is defining itself in the marketplace with its forward-thinking philosophy. When we set up your system, we take a few extra steps for you, to make sure the activation process goes smoothly.

My experience has shown me there are three prevalent problems that have become a real “Achilles heel” to the TechReady industry in Nova Scotia. They are as follows:

  1. Improper connection of services to the TechReady system by an inexperienced Internet Service Provider’s technician.
  2. Lack of understanding on the part of the customer as to what a TechReady home is and how it benefits them.
  3. The absence of an Ethernet switch to distribute the Internet service to all the areas of the home that have data connections.

The Wilsons Smart Connect Activation Program deals with all these issues at one time. For us, our job is not complete until we go back to the customer’s home to make sure all these issues are taken care of.

  1. Our technicians make sure that the Internet Service Provider has correctly connected the modem to the Smart Connect system. If they have not, we correct it while the technician is there.
  2. The technician will also install an Ethernet switch for you so that your data outlets are active.
  3. Finally, the technician will go over the benefits you’re receiving from your TechReady home, and, if you like, offer assistance with getting your equipment up and running.

These extra services that all Smart Connect customers receive as part of the Activation Program help you take full advantage of your new system.

Remember to ask questions of your builder and TechReady installer to make sure you know what you’re getting.