Slide Home Automation Take control of your home from the palm of your hand.
Financing available! Conveniently finance your home security system up to $1,500. Ask us for details! Some conditions apply.

What can home automation do for you?

Home automation is a valuable enhancement to your security solution, bringing you even greater functionality and peace of mind.

Plug Modules
Control your lights and other plug-in devices from our security app, and set up rules or scenes to automate your home.

  • When you’re away on vacation, have your lamps turn on around sunset and off around 11:00pm to make your home look occupied.
  • During the holidays, control your Christmas lights from our app. No more going outside in the cold to unplug them at night!
  • Set your teen’s bedroom TV to turn off at 10:00pm on school nights.

Electronic Locks
No more fumbling for keys – our electronic locks let you unlock the door with a code and control the lock from our app.

  • Set up a unique code for each member of your family, and see who locked or unlocked the door at a given time.
  • Create temporary codes to grant access to your visiting in-laws, your child’s babysitter, or the friend watching your house while you’re away.
  • Remotely unlock your door so that your neighbor can borrow some sugar, and then remotely lock it again after they leave.

Set up a perimeter around your home to unlock even more automation potential. This technology uses the location of your smartphone to determine whether you are in the geo-fence.

  • Get a notification if you leave the geo-fence without arming your system, and then use the app to arm it.
  • Be alerted if everyone in your household leaves the geo-fence and a window is left open.

Put it all Together
Home automation devices are more powerful when used together with your security system. Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • When you go to bed, tap your ‘Good Night’ scene to arm the system, lock the door, and turn off all the lights.
  • Have your system disarm when someone unlocks the door, or arm in stay mode after a period of no activity is detected late at night with Smart Arming.
  • Have your lights turn on, system disarm, and door unlock when you enter your home’s geo-fence when coming home from work.

Secure & Reliable

Wilsons Security vets our home automation devices to ensure that they are both secure and work reliably, so that you have the best possible experience.

Professional Set-up
Our team will help you set up your automation devices so that you get the most out of your security solution. We can also show you how you can create your own Scenes and Rules in the app.

Interested in a Home Automation system?