Nurse Call Systems User-friendly nurse call system for your care or clinical environment.

Leasing options available for commercial security systems over $1,500. Some conditions apply.

Wilsons Security has partnered with Cimtel’s Advance Care to bring you remarkable healthcare technologies. Benefit from a complete, user-friendly nurse call system for your care or clinical environment, with built-in Real-Time Location Services technology.


  • State-of-the-art technology that’s easy to use, so you can focus on providing excellent care to patients and residents
  • Reporting capabilities provide you quick access to information that matters to you, such as attendance history reporting – keep track of each time your staff tends to each patient room
  • Remote administration allows your team to monitor the system whenever and wherever, in real-time
  • Integrations allow the Nurse Call System to work with your other systems, such as connecting seamlessly with IP phones
  • Real-time location services (RTLS) help increase efficiency, allowing you to find your equipment, patients, and personnel quickly. Our RTLS technology is built-in, so no relying on third parties for this critical component.
  • Dementia management technology aids in the specialized care of patients or residents with dementia, with a focus on independence
  • Your system grows with you; as your care needs change and grow, you can convert Low Care to High Care rooms with the effortless addition of devices
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Your nurse call system features the following

  • 8-hour plus battery backup for increased reliability
  • Option for wireless buttons and pendants to promote freedom and security for residents and staff
  • Intelligent design, including pendant removal alerts and reassurance tones
  • Customizable configurations depending on your needs
  • No annual licensing fees. Most other nurse call systems have this added cost.
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Are You Interested In Nurse Call Systems?

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