Slide Integrated Security for Your Business An effective commercial security system doesn’t have to be complicated. Wilsons Security can integrate your CCTV, intrusion, and access control systems into one, unified solution, professionally tailored to your business’ operational needs. Integrated Security for Your Business
Integrated Security for Your Business

Why choose an integrated solution with Wilsons Security?

Your systems are better together

Your integrated security solution will bring more value to your organization. Beyond theft prevention, you can use data from your surveillance cameras, your access control system, and your intrusion alarms together to help you better understand and manage activity at your business in one, unified solution.

From restaurants, retail, salons, and offices, to manufacturing, agriculture, warehouses, and multi-unit residential buildings, Wilsons Security can customize an integrated solution to help protect and manage facilities large and small.

Multi-site management for multiple locations

Centralize your security solution with Wilsons Security. We not only offer multi-system integration, but we can also help you with streamlined systems across multiple sites, making it convenient for you to get the information you need about your facilities in a timely manner. Plus, with integrated access control, you can easily manage an employee’s access to any building at any time.

Integrate …

We can integrate:

  • CCTV systems with high-definition security cameras, including video analytics and crowd monitoring
  • Intrusion alarm systems that help protect the perimeter of your site
  • Access control systems that allow you to manage access to your building and various rooms within your building
  • Environmental and life safety monitoring solutions that keep tabs on potential leaks or flooding, temperature fluctuations in greenhouses and fridges/freezers, and the presence of carbon monoxide or smoke.

Your security partner

Wilsons Security offers professional service from our large team of experienced technicians based in Atlantic Canada and Alberta, as well as our trusted network of contractor partners across Canada. Our team is highly skilled in designing and maintaining your security solutions to help minimize loss and unlock valuable business intelligence.

Integrated Security for Your Business

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