Slide Energy Management Take control of the energy you use in your home with our user-friendly, integrated Energy Management Solutions.
Financing available! Conveniently finance your home security system up to $1,500. Ask us for details! Some conditions apply.

Monitor your usage

You’ll know exactly where you’re using power and when, so you can make changes and start saving money on your power bill.

Schedule your lights and thermostats

You’ll never come home to a dark, cold house in the winter or a hot, stuffy house in the summer, and you can give your home a lived-in appearance when you’re not there. For ultimate comfort, you can even customize the schedule down to the time and day of the week!

Compare schedules

Find the one that saves the most energy AND money. The Savings Estimator in your dashboard will track your usage and show you whether you’re making progress. If you have solar panels, get reports on how your energy production offsets your energy usage.

Automate your home

Have lights turn on automatically when you disarm the system, or lock the door as you leave. See more on Home Automation.

Control your energy management system… from anywhere.

You can turn off the lights and turn down the heat from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you integrate Security into your system, you can lock doors remotely as well.

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