Connected Car

Security shouldn’t stop at your front door.
Financing available! Conveniently finance your home security system up to $1,500. Ask us for details! Some conditions apply.

Get protection for your car, van, SUV, or truck with Connected Car, our vehicle GPS tracking system that connects your auto to your home alarm system, for a truly holistic approach to security.

Do you ever lend your car to friends, or your teenage children?

Have you ever been left wondering who hit your vehicle at the mall parking lot?

Are you concerned about leaving your car parked on the street or in an unmonitored garage?

  • Track your car in real-time and see past routes
  • Keep tabs on gas and battery levels
  • Be notified if the check engine light turns on
  • Know whether there’s been hard braking, speeding, or rapid acceleration
  • Be alerted if your vehicle is in an accident while parked or if it’s being towed
  • With integrated home automation, have your system turn on the lights and disarm your alarm when you approach your house.*

Speak with one of our consultants to find out if your car, van, SUV or truck is eligible.

Connect your vehicle today for just $99, with monitoring plans starting at $12.95/month!**

* Additional equipment may be required, such as an interactive alarm system and automation devices

** The Connected Car device can be hooked up to most gas-powered vehicles manufactured after 1996. At this time, Connected Car is unavailable for electric vehicles. Connected Car utilizes the cellular network and requires adequate cellular signal to function. Pricing reflects client agreeing to a 36-month monitoring contract. Taxes extra. Conditions apply.



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