Activate Your Wireless Access Points

Activating Your Wireless Access Points

Congratulations on your new home! Get WiFi in every corner of your new home – set up your wireless access points today. There are 3 ways you can do this:

1. Do it Yourself with the steps below
2. Request professional set-up for a one-time fee with the form below
3. Request professional set-up with no upfront fee when you add a Premium Service Plan with the form below*

Do it Yourself

Set up your WiFi Access points with these simple steps, or scroll down to contact us for professional installation.

DIY Steps

1. Prepare system

a. Ensure the cable labeled “data” is connected to the modem/router

b. Ensure power bar in data panel is turned on

c. Connect phone to router wifi

2. Download app

a. Search “Unifi” in app store

b. Download free app

3. Configure Access Point

a. Open App and select Allow Permissions if prompted

b. Select access point and follow the prompts

3. Configure Access Point

c. Create new WiFi network name and password and hit “finish”

d. Allow a few minutes for configuration

e. Join new Wi-Fi

f. Repeat steps b & e for each additional Access Point

4. Finishing touches

a. Select Access Points

b. Click Configure in the top right of the screen

4. Finishing touches

c. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see if any firmware updates are available

d. Change Wi-Fi under WLANs if needed

e. Press Save

Contact Us

Get in touch for professional wireless access point set-up and/or to add a premium service plan to your devices. A consultant will be back in touch with you as soon as possible!

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*Professional set-up is a one-time fee of $89 + applicable taxes, or the client can choose to waive the one-time fee in favour of a monthly rate of $5 + taxes for 36 months. The monthly option comes with the benefit of automatic firmware updates.