Outdoor Home Security Essentials for Summer!

It’s summertime!

Here are some outdoor home security options for smooth sailing through the summer months!

Don’t you love those sunny days and breezy evenings when outdoor space comes alive?  Cookouts, pool parties, moments of serenity and quiet reading in the hammock, the squeals of happy children as they run about, in and out of the house.

Do you know who else loves summer? Burglars. In fact, it’s their favourite season with all those unlocked windows, open doors, and long vacation absences.

Wilsons Security knows the importance of an outdoor security system that deters potential intruders at first glance and keeps you in the know about the comings and goings in your outdoor space at all times. That’s why we offer you the security system with its five essential components.

Smart Security Camera

The security camera can send you customized video alerts for anything outside you wish to see, be it animal, human, or vehicle, on or off your property. It provides both live and recorded footage and acts as an effective intruder deterrent simply by its presence.

Smart Lighting

Triggered by your image sensors or smart security cameras, automated outdoor lighting is an effective way to say “Welcome!”  to friends and family and “I see you!” to any unwanted visitor, lurking in the shadows.

Going on vacation? Setting up a smart lighting schedule for evening illumination of your property and home sends a clear message to passers-by that someone’s home.

Contact Sensors

These wireless devices can be installed on windows and doors to serve several functions including triggering a break-in alert, reminding you to lock up for the night and keeping tabs on where your kids are, inside and out, while  ensuring access to off-limits areas such as your pool during unsupervised time, tool shed or garage freezer is under your control 24/7.

Doorbell Camera

Deliveries left on your front porch are protected by motion-triggered video alerts.  In addition, a live video feed and two-way voice let you see and speak to visitors from anywhere, even if they don’t ring the bell.  Company arriving late? Remotely unlock your door with your door lock.

Smart Garage Door Controller

No more wasted time retracing your way back home to check if you locked the garage door! will alert you if that’s the case. Then all you have to do is tap your phone and voilà! the garage door closes and everything inside is secured.

Wilsons Security can quickly outfit your home with all of the above and more. A single smartphone app controls it all and our 24/7 professional monitoring service personnel are ready to respond to any emergency.