Flood Sensors for Your Home

Is there anything much worse than having to deal with water damage in a home? Water damage is costly and disruptive yet is many times overlooked when it comes to choosing protection devices for your home alarm.

According to the Insurance Research Council, water damage, and its associated problems, accounted for more homeowner’s insurance claims than the amount of break and enters back in 2003 and I would venture to say it is probably the same now.

Protecting your home against water damage and its effects has never been easier using wireless flood sensors on your home alarm. These devices can be placed in areas prone to flooding or at high risk of damage due to water leakage. Some of these areas are laundry rooms, near hot water tanks or boilers, basements or even in the area of a sump pump.

Nowadays it has become popular to install the laundry room on the top level of a home for the convenience of being near the bedrooms, but this also means that a major water leak could cause water to go down through every level of the home resulting in a lot of damage. This is a perfect application for the installation of a flood sensor. The flood sensor is usually mounted on the baseboard of the wall near the area of the washer. In the event of leakage, a probe will cause the sensor to go into an alarm state once it has been in contact with the water for approximately three minutes.

Because of the convenience of these devices being wireless, you can put a flood sensor in every area of your home that is at risk of water leakage. It’s a great way to give you additional peace of mind and possibly save you from a lot of damage as a result of a water leak that goes unchecked!