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How to Strengthen Your WiFi Signal

We’ve all been there – waving your smartphone above your head at a strange angle, straining to get a strong enough WiFi signal. Here are a few ways to strengthen your signal. Make sure your WiFi router is in the most central location of your home. The router transmits its signal circularly. If it is […]

How to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is something that every homeowner wants to avoid. Below are a few measures you can take to help prevent water damage that may cost a lot of money. We’re taking it from the top. Inspect your roof. Ensure that there aren’t any broken, cracked, missing or loose shingles up on your roof. It […]

Home Automation Basics

Have you heard about home automation and wondering what the deal with it is? Below we’re looking at a few aspects of home automation. Home automation, as the term suggests, is basically equipping your home with smart devices that allow you to control certain features in your home. This is also called a smart house […]