We Sell Sonos

If you haven’t already heard, Wilsons Smart Connect is now a dealer for Sonos® Distributed Audio products and these products are amazing! Sonos has one of the most easy to use, yet mature, applications that I’ve ever used.

Sonos has products for any application whether it’s a brand new home build, a renovation, or a completely finished home. Take the Sonos PLAY:5™ for example; it has six speakers built into the one box each with its own amplifier! This means that when you crank up the volume there’s no distortion because each speaker is controlled by its own amplifier. You can use multiple PLAY:5 speakers around your home, and I have to say, this sound is big! The first time I fired up a Sonos PLAY:5 I had to take a second look to assure myself that what I was hearing was coming out of that one box. The base is phenomenal and delivers as much power as you’re ever going to want out of a distributed audio system.

Sonos also has other speakers like the PLAY:1™ and PLAY:3™ which can all work together with the PLAY:5 as one integrated audio system. Sonos speakers can also be mapped so that they carry only the left or right channel sound. This means in larger rooms you can separate two speakers for stereo sound using two PLAY:1s, PLAY:3s or even the mighty PLAY:5. For those of you who are building a new home and have your heart set on a built-in system, Sonos has you covered too. The new CONNECTAMP™ allows you to use built-in ceiling or wall speakers for that custom look, but still incorporate it all into the rest of your Sonos Distributed Audio system. The CONNECTAMP also allows you to connect a powered subwoofer to give you even bigger sound in large areas.

The app is another amazing part of the Sonos ecosystem. Each member of the family can download the app to their mobile device (iOS or Android) and it only takes a minute or two to set up. Create your own playlist from the music on your phone and everyone in the family with the Sonos app will be able to play from your playlist to your Sonos speakers. Have each member of the family add their favorite song to one group playlist or just create a new playlist of your own. Sonos is now also compatible with Apple Music, Deezer, TuneIn Radio, SiriusXM and many more services so there’s always something for everyone to listen to!

If this was all Sonos had to offer it would be enough for most people, but Sonos takes it to another level with the PLAYBAR™ and SUB™ which can be connected to any TV for a theater experience. Remember what I was just saying about mapping speakers? Well, now you can use the PLAYBAR, SUB, and two PLAY:1s in one room for a true Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound experience.

The greatest thing about purchasing your Sonos system through Wilsons Smart Connect is that Wilsons is a “true” A to Z solution with the ability to, not only sell you the product, but also install and configure your new Sonos system. Wilsons Smart Connect has in-house professionals that can make sure your system works from day one and years into the future.

If you would like more information on purchasing a Sonos Distributed Audio system for your home call today at (902) 453-3388 and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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