Ultimate Alarm Protection The right combination of monitoring equipment and service will help provide ultimate protection for your family, home and valuables.
Financing available! Conveniently finance your home security system up to $1,500. Ask us for details! Some conditions apply.

User friendly, attractive keypads & panels

From classic designs, to sleek, modern touch screens, your Wilsons Security keypad can conveniently be placed almost anywhere in your home – not just by the front door!

Door and window contact sensors

We’ll set your system up so you receive a notification if a door or window opens while your system is armed.


Motion detectors

A key part of an effective security system, motion detectors are available in a pet-immune option, so your dog or cat doesn’t set it off every time they walk by.

Visual verification

Take your motion detectors up a notch with image sensors. Now you can receive a clip e-mailed to you when the motion detector is set off, or choose to capture clips on-demand.

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Glass break detectors

Receive a notification to know immediately if a window is smashed in your home.


We help you keep an eye on things that matter most, with options to record events.

Crash & Smash protection

If an intruder is able to locate and damage your panel, you’re still protected. With Crash & Smash protection, we can detect if your system was disabled and send help.

Wired and wireless systems

We tailor your system to give you the Ultimate Alarm Protection that suits your home and your lifestyle.

Many ways to monitor

Whether through phone line, cellular, or Internet – you’re connected! Click here to learn more about Alarm Monitoring.

Exceptional service – 24/7

No matter the time of day, we’re here for you when you need us. With around-the-clock emergency service, you’re in good hands.