Service & Support Ongoing and timely service is what makes us stand out from the rest. Service & Support Ongoing and timely service is what makes us stand out from the rest.

For Service or Support call – 1-866-453-3388
Contact your monitoring station:
For Armstrongs, call 1-855-895-0859 | For API, call 1-866-743-9134

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Premium Service Plan

New customers with no equipment warranty on existing equipment receive coverage for equipment replacement, batteries, and service calls from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm on weekdays. Add this benefit and save the labour charge on service calls. Includes panel, keypad, and up to 16 zones.

Client Guide

Please download our client guide to get answers to common questions and details on self serve options.


Self Service

Many of our common requests can be addressed using the information below. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Requesting a service call.

To request a service call, please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch to process your request. If your request is urgent, please call us at 1-866-453-3388.

Service Call
I'm inquiring for...

Adding a service.

If you’d like to add a service to your current system, we must verify that you are the account holder. Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch to complete the process.

Add a Service
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New customers with no equipment warranty on existing equipment receive coverage for equipment replacement, batteries and service calls between 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM on weekdays. Add this benefit and save $89 per hour on service calls. Includes panel/keypad and up to 16 zones.

Only $5+HST/month + $0.75+HST/month per extra zone/keypad

Receive a report on the first of each month, listing each time your system has been armed/disarmed, and which user codes were used. This is especially useful to business owners.

Only $5+HST/month


Adding a device.

To add a device to your current security system, please fill out the form below and a customer specialist will be  in touch to complete your request.

Add a device
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Enquiring about a new system.

If you’d like a salesperson to help you assess your evolving needs for security and home automation, please fill out the form below and a customer spcialist will be in touch to book an appointment with you.

Enquire about new system
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Alarm Permit Registration

Some jurisdictions require alarm owners to register their alarms before emergency services will respond to alarm calls. Check if your jurisdiction requires a permit.

Updating your contact list.

To make changes to your call list, we must confirm that you are the account holder. Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch with you to verify your total call list.

Update Contact List
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Call List Contact Changes


Finding a manual.

We have links to many common alarm system manuals that you can download.

Model Keypads Download
Qolsys IQ Panel Qolsys IQ Panel pdf icon
DSC PowerSeries Neo DSC PowerSeries Neo pdf icon
Honeywell Lynx 5100 Lynx 5100 pdf icon
Honeywell/First Alert Ademco Vista 20 pdf icon
Honeywell/First Alert FA168 FA148 user manuals pdf icon
Honeywell Total Connect total connect pdf icon
Honeywell LYNX lynx plus keypad pdf icon
Honeywell ADEMCO

(Vista 10 Model)

Vista 10P Keypad pdf icon
Honeywell ADEMCO

(Vista 15 Model)

vista 15 pdf icon
Paradox Magellan/Spectra paradox keypads pdf icon
DSC Power Series DSC Power Series keypad pdf icon
DSC Power Series


DSC Power Series wireless keypad pdf icon
DSC Alexor DSC Alexor keypad pdf icon
DSC Maxsys DSC Maxsys keypad pdf icon

Monitoring Verification Certificate for Insurance.

A Monitoring Verification Certificate can be used to provide proof of security monitoring to your  insurance company. Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch to complete the  process.

Verification Certificate for Insurance
I'm inquiring for...

Please note that if you are requesting a Monitoring Verification Certificate for insurance purposes, you  must provide it directly to your insurance company.

Requesting a seasonal disconnect.

If you’re going away for an extended period of time and switching your home telephone service to  “seasonal disconnect”, please contact your telephone provider for details on how this service will work.  To allow your alarm system to maintain its ability to communicate with the monitoring station, you will  need to confirm the phone number(s) their seasonal disconnect service will work with. Different  telephone providers handle this service in different ways; some strictly restrict your phone to not allow  incoming calls and/or will only allow outgoing calls to one toll‐free number. Therefore, you may be  required to have a different phone number programmed into your alarm system to be compatible with  this service which may require a service call from one of our technicians. Always test your system once  the “seasonal disconnect” service has been activated to ensure that the system can still communicate  with the monitoring station. Please note that in order to make changes to your account, we must verify  that you are the account holder. Fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch to  complete the process.

Seasonal Disconnect
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If you’re moving in the near future, please fill out the form below so that we can help you protect your  new home, as well as disconnect service at your old home. A representative will be in touch with you to  complete your request.

I'm inquiring for...
if applicable
if applicable

Considering disconnecting landline.

If you want to get rid of your landline telephone service, ensure your home remains protected by  upgrading your alarm system to communicate through cellular or Internet. Please fill out the form below  and a representative will be in touch to further assist you.

Disconnecting My Landline
I'm inquiring for...
if applicable

Already disconnected landline.

If you have already disconnected your landline, you may have noticed a yellow triangle on your keypad,  indicating that your security system is no longer being monitored, leaving your home unprotected. This  applies to any alarm system that communicates through the phone line. In order to ensure your home is  protected, you should upgrade to a cellular or Internet communicator. Please fill out the form below and  a representative will be in touch to help process your request.

Disconnected Landline
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Cancelling your monitoring service.

We must verify that you are the account holder in order to cancel service with us. Please also be aware  that you must inform your insurance company if you are no longer covered by security, fire, or flood  monitoring. If you are moving and would like to relocate your service, we would be happy to help you  with that process.  If you still want to cancel your monitoring service, we are sorry to see you go. Please understand that we  cannot discontinue service without verifying the account holder’s identity. Please fill out the form below  and one of our representatives will contact you to complete the process.

Cancel My Service
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  • DSC – Press the asterisk button (*) and then the Number 2 button
  • GE – Allegro – Press Status button
  • GE NX8 –  Press the asterisk button (*) and then the Number 2 button
  • Honeywell – Enter Alarm Code, press Off button (repeat a 2nd time to reset trouble)
  • Honeywell Lynx Touch – Press System or Home button
  • Paradox – Press TBL button
  • Ultra Sync – Enter Alarm Code and press Enter button
  • Qolsys – Press Status button
  • Bosch – Press Enter button and then press Silence button

Who Do I Call?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. The following table will help you resolve your question more quickly.

Situation Contact Instructions
False Alarm To reach your monitoring station, call Armstrongs – 1-855-895-0859 or API – 1-866-743-9134. If you do not know your monitoring station, please call 1-866-453-3388 for assistance. Notify station of false alarm. Provide your name and the ALL OK PASSWORD that you provided on the Monitoring Agreement, NOT your four digit alarm code.
Service, Alarm System Troubles (i.e. Low Battery) 1-866-453-3388 and select Option 1 for Service
For emergency after-hours service, call this number to receive instructions for reaching the on call technician.
System Additions/Modifications 1-866-453-3388 and select Option 2 for Sales
Customer Referral 1-866-453-3388 and select Option 2 for Sales We appreciate your trust in us. Please let us know when you refer a new customer and we will provide you with three free months of monitoring service.
Change to Monitoring Agreement Contact List, or Billing Information 1-866-453-3388 and select Option 3 for Administration
Instructions on Using your Security System Consult the user manual for your security system OR call us at 1-866-453-3388 and select Option 1 for Service
Heating Fuel, Propane or Equipment Install or Service Please visit Wilson’s Heating Contact Page.

Tips & Links

Getting the most out of your security system

  • Educate alarm system users. Anyone who has a key to your property must be able to operate the alarm.
  • Set up different alarm codes for different users of the system (i.e. babysitter, cleaners, contractors, etc.)
  • Lock all alarmed doors and windows
  • Be aware of drafts that could trigger a motion alarm: i.e. open windows or heating and air conditioning vents that can move curtains, plants, balloons, etc.
  • Contact Wilsons immediately if you have any questions or concerns about the operation or performance of the alarm system.
  • Notify Wilsons if you plan any remodelling such as changing doors, moving walls, hanging dry wall, sanding floors, any work that involves running wires or makes changes near the keypad or security panel.
  • Notify Wilsons immediately if you change your telephone or Internet service.
  • Ask Wilsons about regularly scheduled inspections of your alarm system.
  • Replace low batteries promptly.
  • Test your system and all its devices regularly. Click here for instructions.

What to do if you set off your alarm by accident

  1. First, Don’t Panic. There is time. Enter your disarm code (carefully) to reset your system. Remember, if there were a burglar, he or she would not know your code. Do not write it on your keypad!
  2. Wait for your alarm company or central station to call. Give your password or ID code, this is different from your disarm code. Be sure to follow all procedures established by your monitoring station.
  3. Do not leave your home until you have talked with your monitoring station.
  4. Finally, any person who has keys to your property MUST be able to operate the alarm. Neighbors, cleaning personnel, real estate agents, guests, relatives, babysitters, service and delivery personnel who may enter your property must have a code to operate your system, and they must be practiced in its use. Depending on your security system, you can set up a different access code from your own personal one.

Download the First Alert Battery Replacement Guide.

Set up your Wireless Access Points


Download TeamViewer App if a support technician has indicated it’s necessary.