Slide Environmental Sensors Every home is required to have smoke detectors. Get the most benefit by monitoring them through your security system. Smoke Detector
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Have you ever come home to a flood in the laundry room, or a burst pipe in the basement?

Home security is about more than just burglary prevention. Protect your home against the damage from elements by adding environmental sensors to your security system.

Smoke detectors

Monitor your smoke detectors through your alarm system to ensure a quick response in the event of a fire.

Flood sensors

Place water detectors in flood-prone areas, like your basement, so you’re notified of pooling water before costly damage occurs.

Low-temperature warnings

You’ll get an alert if the temperature in your home dips too low to keep your pipes from freezing and potentially bursting. This is especially useful during a power outage, or if you take a vacation during the winter. Would you like to be able adjust your thermostat from anywhere? Check out our Home Automation page to learn more. (link to Home Automation page)

Carbon monoxide detectors

Keep your family safe by having your carbon monoxide detectors monitored; both you and your contact list will be notified if a toxic level of the gas is detected.


  • Monitored smoke detectors ensure quick response in the event of a fire
  • Flood sensors can notify you of pooling water before costly damage occurs
  • Low-temperature sensors warn you if your pipes are at risk of freezing
  • Monitored carbon monoxide detectors give extra peace of mind

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