fleet of trucks Security - on and off your premises You have security monitoring at your business. Why not in your fleet, too?
Leasing options available for commercial security systems over $1,500. Some conditions apply.

With a Fleet Management solution, connect your company vehicles to your business’ alarm system and discover important benefits, like the ability to:

  • Track your fleet on the map using GPS, updated in real-time
  • Access reports on past routes; see where your employees have been, and when
  • Monitor fuel and battery levels, as well as diagnostic alerts like the check engine light
  • Understand how your employees drive, including hard braking, speeding, or accelerating too quickly
  • Receive an alert if a vehicle moves while the engine is turned off, such as if it was hit, stolen, or towed

Why connect your fleet?

  • Efficient dispatching: see where your employees are at any given time
  • Safety investigations: keep a record of employee driving behaviours
  • Security & peace of mind: seamless integration to your business alarm system allows for easy management of your whole business, on and off your premises.

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